The EGF Order of Merit Championship scheduled for 9th-11th April has been postponed until further notice.


The Emirates Golf Federation has adopted the USGA handicapping system.

Some aspects of the system have been modified in order to make the transition from CONGU to USGA easier. The USGA are aware of these modifications.

The changes are:

  1. Handicap limit of men 28 and ladies 36.
  2. Equitable Stroke Control adjusted to table below.


The purpose of a handicap is to enable players of lesser ability to play against players of better ability.

Adjusted Gross Score / Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

Equitable Stroke Control is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for HANDICAP purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability.

ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on a hole depending on the players Course handicap.

ESC is only used when a players’ actual score or most likely score exceeds the players’ maximum allowance on that hole.

At the end of the round your score must be adjusted to the net gross score which will be put into the system. You make these adjustments as needed when you play the hole.

No strokes received on a hole
Par three Par Four Par five
Maximum score 5 6 7
One stroke received on a hole
Par three Par Four Par five
Maximum score 6 7 8
Two strokes received on a hole
Par three Par Four Par five
Maximum score 7 8 9

You must always enter the score you were most likely to have scored before applying Equitable Stroke Control.

A most likely score is the score a player must post for handicap purposes if a hole is started but not completed or if the player is conceded a stroke.

The most likely score consists of the number of strokes already taken plus, in the players Best Judgment, the number of strokes the player would take to complete the hole from that position/what the player can reasonably expect to score – more than half the time.


Registration is not just swiping your card. You must enter which Course is to be played and which category/game type is played.

For example:

Courses: 18 Holes 1 to 18, 9 Holes 1 to 9 or 10 to 18.
Category: G for General or T for Tournament game.

This must be done at the club before each round that the golfer plays

Handicap Index

Is your live handicap after 5, 18-hole scores have been entered on the system.

Course handicap

Is your handicap that you play off for a particular round at a particular golf course according to the slope rating of that golf course.

This course handicap can be found on the EGF App.

Recording your score

Option 1: At the Club you played at

Option 2: Using the EGF App – Click here to find out more

Option 3: At any other Club in UAE – within 72 hours of round registered

  1. Swipe your card at the public terminal.
  2. Click on ‘View O/S Games’
  3. Click on the game
  4. Enter which tee you played off.
  5. Enter your Adjusted Gross Score. Click ‘Complete’

Option 4: – via the Internet website

  1. Click on ‘Members’
  2. Log in using your golfers card 5 digit number
  3. Your default password is 12345
  4. Click on ‘Update Profile’ and change your password immediately. Only once you have changed your password will you be able to view any outstanding games.
  5. You will see any outstanding games in “Red” click and proceed to complete the games.
  6. Please note that ONLY GAMES REGISTERED /OPENED at the Club will be able to be closed via the website.

**Important – As per EGF Guidelines, and member that fails to record a round of golf in 6 months, their handicap will be inactive until 5 new 18-hole scores have been recorded.**

Registration not possible

If for some reason you are unable to register your game, you may, after completion of your game, send your card to your home club who will register the game and enter a score for you.

Do not worry if scores have been entered incorrectly or a game has not been registered, everything can be adjusted by your club Handicap Administrator.

Overseas Rounds – Registration/Scores

Players can register overseas rounds/scores, here’s how.  Send completed scorecard to the handicap administrator of his/her home club, provided the course played is rated by USGA ie., slope and course rating is available on the card.

Penalty Score

You have 72 hours to enter your score for a round. If you fail to enter a score for your round you will receive notification via E mail 48 hours later, reminding you to enter a score or you will receive a score of par and an immediate handicap adjustment after 24 hours of the notification.

If you send your club a card for the particular round your score may be adjusted at your club’s discretion.

Unfinished Holes

A Player who starts but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke must record for
handicap purposes the most likely score.

The most likely score on any hole cannot exceed the equitable stroke control limit as set out in the table above.

If 13 or more holes are played, the player must post an 18 hole score.

If 7 to 12 holes are played, the player must post a 9 hole score.

In either case, scores for the holes not played must be recorded as par PLUS any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the holes not played.

Holes Not Played or Not Played Under The Rules of Golf – If a player does not play a hole, the score recorded for that hole for handicap purposes must be par plus any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole.

Obtaining a Handicap Index

In order to obtain a Handicap Index, a player must post at least 5, 18-hole scores. The club will issue a Handicap Index to the player at their own discretion.

Handicap Index Revision and Adjustment

Your handicap is automatically recalculated on the last day of every month and immediately after a Tournament round is completed

This is done based on the data on the Golferscard system at the time of revision.

Maximum Handicap Index

The maximum Handicap Index is 28 for Men and 36 for ladies.

Note: A maximum Handicap Index will convert to a Course Handicap that exceeds these numbers on golf courses with a slope rating greater than 113.

Scores in all Forms of Competition

Scores in both Match play and stroke play must be posted for handicap purposes. This includes scores made in match play, in multiball or in team competitions or in which players are requested to pick up when out of contention on a hole.