The National Junior Development Program (NJDP) is the latest initiative of the Emirates Golf Federation, aimed at continually identifying and developing young UAE national players by providing them with the best possible opportunities to learn the finer points of the game.

Junior LOGO

One of our goals is to develop character through the structure of the rules of the game of golf as golf teaches life skills like patience, good sportsmanship, and the ability to focus on the task at hand. In the NJDP particular emphasis is placed on core skills and game awareness, including lessons in introductory, educational, rules, etiquette and competition formats.

The program provides our young UAE national players with an environment in which they can grow, express themselves both personally and professionally and realize their dream of representing the country one day. We also believe that through this program we are exposing our youth to a leisure activity that they can enjoy, no matter what their ability level might be, for the rest of their lives.

We, at the EGF, value attitude, commitment, integrity, and honesty as highly as we do golf ability. We have assembled an experienced team of coaches, technical experts and support staff who all specialize in player development.

The parents will also benefit from the program because their children are involved in an active, social sport which promotes positive values of citizenship and responsibility. Membership to the NJDP is open to all UAE nationals who want to start playing golf or, if they already play, improve their game.

The UAE boasts some of the finest golfing facilities in the world and the interest in the game has skyrocketed over the years. With support from all the clubs, we aim to promote and develop the game at the grassroots level. Creating a strong pool of junior players is paramount to producing future generation of champions.

Introducing youngsters to the game is just one part of the program, the more important aspect of it is to try and retain them. The NJDP is a step in that direction. Golf teaches that even though the best golfers have the most chances to win, the other golfers have the most chances to improve. Let’s play golf and have fun is the overriding theme of the NJDP.


  • Attract young UAE nationals to the game
  • Provide the best possible playing facilities for our national players to succeed
  • Provide the highest quality coaching by qualified staff
  • Provide the most appropriate competitive program for each player and to constantly review performance in training and matches
  • Rules, etiquette and instructional clinics on the game
  • Golf at a minimal cost
  • Create an environment to promote and encourage good sportsmanship and friendship among junior golfers
  • Opportunities to travel and participate in domestic and international tournaments
  • To build good working relationships with all players, clubs other related parties
  • To set high standards for integrity, honesty and Performance