UPDATE: UAE Junior Summer Camp – Germany

August 17th, 2015

(Fleesensee, Germany) – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Junior Summer Camp commenced on Monday, August 10th at Fleesensee Golf Resort in Germany. After a full week of hard training the camp is in full swing.

UAE National Players receiving a putting lesson from putting specialist Wiestaw Kramski

UAE National Players receiving a putting lesson from putting specialist Wiestaw Kramski

The group includes current U18, U15, and Girls National Team players. As well as some junior players from the National Junior Development Program (NJDP) that will be playing on the UAE National Teams in the near future.

The camp has been designed to cover all aspects of the game of golf from technique to etiquette and rules.

Fitness and Tennis Lessons

Fitness and Tennis Lessons

The schedule has extremely intense, there have been many rounds of golf on the Fleesensee courses as well as  plenty of fitness routines. The introductions of other sports has been very valuable aspect to help improve movement skills and to change the environment for the kids. The squads have currently played 4 rounds of golf in 4 days.

The more developed players had a surprise session with Wiestaw Kramski. Kramski coaches many tour players and is a specialist in putter design and manufacturing. He explained why it is the important to have a putter correctly fitted and also shared some of his key coaching tips.

Tomorrow the group will be back on the course playing 4 rounds in a row over the next few days.

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